Sliding carriage of the first generation after 2800 cycles:

The sliding carriage of the 1st generation, shown above, passed through 2800 cycles by now but still works with its fissures. The sliding carriage of the 2nd generation currently passed through 920 cycles.

The application temperature of these sliding carriages is between 1000 – 1140 °C. The cycle time amounts approx. 2 hours. It's loaded with test bodies, is pushed into the hot stove and pulled out again after a not known residence time.

Article of the magazine Ceramic Applications 2/2015

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Pipe with flange

Diameter: 230 mm, length: 3230 mm, 
(April, 2015)

Anniversary Film

Walter E.C. Pritzkow Spezialkeramik
the image film for the company anniversary, (language: German).

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