Oxide/oxide ceramic matrix composite “Keramikblech”

The technical ceramic for high temperature applications for industry and research
named “Keramikblech” (sheet ceramic) is an oxide fiber rein­forced oxide ceramic, a part of the material group called ceramic matrix com­po­­sites. This mate­ri­al is an advanced tech­ni­cal ceramic for devel­opers, designers and users, who want to design thin walled, thermal shock resis­tant and oxidation resis­tant ce­ram­ic compo­nents for con­tin­uous service temper­a­ture up to 1300°C. “Keramikblech” re­places thermal and mechani­cal highly loaded sheet metal com­po­nents, which should not be distorted or should not be oxidized.

Components that have performed well:

  • production parts for aluminum casting
  • furnace compo­nents like furnace doors, furnace linings, hot gas butterfly valves, sintering aids
  • burner tubes, flame tubes, burner compo­nents and com­bus­tion chambers
  • structures for extreme thermal shock
  • special compo­nents for aero­nautics and astro­nautics

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