From left: zone divider, (860 mm wide), protection of heater elements, (length 700 mm),
butterfly valve DN450 insulated and in metal housing DN900 integrated, butterfly valve DN220 with body stop and tube system,
two butterfly valves, gas sampling tube/withdrawal tube, sintering box, adapter ring

Furnace components

In industrial furnaces and facilities replacements for metal structures are needed because the temperature resistance of metal is limited.

Samples for “hot” components are:

  • protection of heater elements
  • zone divider
  • hot gas pipes
  • butterfly valves (partner ProcessCeramics)
  • furnace doors and linings (partner InovaCeram)
  • sliders (partner InovaCeram)
  • sintering aids (partner InovaCeram)
From left to right: Zone divider made of “Keramikblech”, operating in a sinter metal production furnace since 42 months, with more than 1 million opening and closing cycles. Protection of heater elements for tube furnaces of company Nabertherm (middle) and GERO (right)

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