From left: flame tube, flame tube, Kärcher combi steamer, mixing tube, curner nozzles, cover for radiation burner, flow directing ring

Burner components

Are there problems with metal burner tubes / flame tubes due to thermal or chemical overload, ceramic parts are the solution.

“Keramikblech” makes it possible to produce a 1:1 copy in ceramic. In several appli­ca­tions the lifetime of  “Keramikblech” flame tubes is more than 5 times higher than the same metal parts. In case of a flame tube for a crisp bread pro­duc­tion the life­time of a “Keramikblech” flame tube is more than 40.000 hours.

From left: flame tube “Keramikblech”, new and after 20.000 hours in operation,
flame tube metal, type 1.4541 new and after 1.000 hours in operation

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