Data sheets and publications, PDF download

Data sheets “Keramikblech”, (overviews)

1. Standard materials
(up to 1100°C)
PDF chart, (60 KB)
2. Standard materials
(up to 1300°C)
PDF chart, (60 KB)
New developed materials
PDF chart, (60 KB)


Report “Tensile test samples: variation of clamping width and sample radius”,
J. Horvath, Dr. Ing. K. Tushtev, University of Bremen, Advanced Ceramics,
PDF, (1,2 MB)
“Study on FW12 at room and elevated temperatures”, K. Tushtev, J. Horvath,
K. Rezwan, Advanced Ceramics,
University of Bremen,
Germany, 11/2016
PDF chart, (3,1 MB), english

“Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites – Manufacturing, Machining, Properties and Industrial Applications”,
Ceramic Applications 2/2015
PDF, (5,6 MB), english

A. Rüdinger, W. Pritzkow:
“Die Entwicklung oxidkeramischer
am Fraunhofer ISC/Zentrum HTL
in Zusammenarbeit mit W.E.C. Pritzkow Spezialkeramik”, Keramische Zeitschrift,
PDF, (1,7 MB), german

“Charakterisierung von Keramikblech Typ FW12”,
J. Horvath, Dr. Kamen Tushtev, Universität Bremen, Fachbereich
Keramische Werkstoffe und Bauteile, 19.11.2012
PDF, (1,6 MB), german